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We have completed design projects which cover a broad range of engineering disciplines.  We have provided full design service from customer  “blank sheet”  proposal through to engineering assistance with existing design issues. A few examples are illustrated below.

The design, from customer specification, through to production of a specialised form of high voltage insulator for the high voltage insulator design for use on HVDC station equipment in the electricity transmission and distribution market.

CAD solid model of the 250kV BIL High Voltage Insulator.

Electric potential output plot around an insulator section.

Complete insulator - one of over 400 insulators produced for the 500MVA high voltage station.

Insulators in use - 500MVA High Voltage Convertor Station (Courtesy of ALSTOM)

The analysis of proposed structures for an EHT line inductor support, buckling load check.

Buckling analysis of a simple structure proposed for EHT equipment support

The design of a new form of high power, high voltage, liquid cooled resistor for markets utilising power semiconductors.

Liquid cooled power resistor prototype

The design and analysis of large composite structures for high voltage equipment support, particularly for those with a seismic withstand requirement.

Two structures using shaped beam elements (tubes, channels) in steel, aluminium and filament wound epoxy/glass composite

The stress analysis of racing car wheel hubs, including complex multi-component loads.

Meshed model
of Wheel Hub

Racing Car wheel hub stress analysis

A portable lighting tower design, featuring stable safe performance together with fast "into service" capability and remote adjustment of the lighting field.

The design of damping element components for use in structures subject to seismic activity.

The design of a full fire test facility including a pressurized “safe”  witness viewing gallery together with a heated test chamber for fire testing of HVDC components.

The design of an high strength under car high voltage insulator for rail traction application.

Design improvements for large air cooled power resistor assemblies to substantially increase dissipation from the same package size with minimal equipment cost increase.

The design of a portable, cordless welder from concept to prototype inclusive of power electronics and associated heatsinking.

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